About Us

AGENTS existed since 2009 under Asia Association Pte Ltd. In our earlier years, Asia Association set off to serve our clients with full suite of end-to-end marketing operations solutions to support our clients’ marketing journey in achieving desired ROI within the Asia Pacific region.

Through us, clients can connect themselves to a wide network of Asia associates with diverse experience, culture and know how; helping them develop businesses regionally in Asia Pacific region, penetrating markets and capturing market share and customer mindshare in the fastest and most efficient way.

AGENTS, our brand name for our dedicated Business to Business (B2B) marketing services offers our clients customized services to fit their specific needs and to support clients in their achievement of business growth targets. AGENTS services focus on three key areas: Talent Acquisition and Recruitment, Account Based Marketing, and Creative Design Services.

Our Talent acquisition, recruitment and payroll services help our clients hire the best talent while managing their payroll efficiently, while our Creative design team comes with wealth of creative design experiences that can help businesses stand out with eye-catching designs for their branding, marketing materials, and websites; while fulfilling deadlines along each design journey. The Account Based Marketing (ABM) service focuses on high value customer accounts and snipers for the prospect using unified strategy between marketing and sales objectives; and our contact acquisition team forms the main pillar to the ABM service in helping our client reach new customers and identify new opportunities.


The mission of AGENTS is to provide effective customized business to business marketing solutions to fit the business needs of our clients with the aim to generate measurable returns and benefits of clients’ products and services to their targeted customers, in the Asia Pacific region.


The Vision of AGENTS is to become a vendor of choice to our clients, whom we can help to achieve their marketing goals by providing effective customized business to business marketing solutions for desired returns and benefits of their products and services; via our experienced network of Asia associates.